We are a small boutique design studio focused on helping small business and budding entrepreneurs find their professional feet through intentional design and communication for brand identity, print and web. The simplest thing to do would have been to churn out client demands but soon after noticing that many clients struggled to find a voice for their businesses, we realised how important it was to include personalised support and crucial advice where we spotted weak areas. Foundation is everything. We strive to give all of our clients the tools that they need to target their audience efficiently. Work always begins by addressing the problems, devising a strategy to tackle it that helps both us and the client to ensure all goals are achieved at every stage of the project. 


Hall Creative founder and designer,
Kayleigh Hall


I love nothing more than waking up on a weekday to a full day of design tasks. I honestly think a career in the creative industry was my calling (I was the little girl who chose to draw, paint and read for hours on end, so much so that I never learned to ride a bike!). I am also a pretty strong-willed person and so the words "I am going to run my own studio one day" that I spoke out to a uni lecturer back in 2011 had no choice but to materialise. Almost four years later, we are still going strong. I am proud of the fantastic relationships that we have with all of our clients, their appreciation of our level of genuine care and passion that we hold for each and every one of their projects, and our diverse portfolio. 

The excitement as great ideas unfold in discovery meetings, and the visible confidence that we watch our clients bounce into action once their new branding is all in place makes me beam but the real buzz comes from knowing the journey Hall Creative is yet to embark on. You're still reading? Great! You might as well follow our Instagram page to watch our progress.